A nanny can turn a holiday into an unforgettable experience.

The cost of a holiday nanny starts at £450 a week, on top of which the family has to pay for travel and accommodation and provide meals. While large hotels and resorts at home and abroad can supply babysitters, and very often a children’s club, a holiday nanny makes perfect sense if you’re staying in a farmhouse, villa or gîte.

As many parents know, there are few more frustrating feelings than aching to go to that amazing restaurant down the road but being unable to because the baby is overtired, the older one turns his/her nose up at haute cuisine and the maître d’ turns up his nose at both of them.

A holiday nanny spares you all that. Plus, if you get the right person – and part of the service is carefully matching families and staff – your children will adore spending time with him/her. And, as every parent knows, if the children are happy, the grown-ups can slope off for a lovely middle-aged nap.

To book your holiday nanny or make an enquiry, get in touch with Corrina or Ronel on 020 7935 3515 or email us on info@nannyservice.co.uk